Kumbalgarh fort

Kumbalgarh fort

Kumbalgarh Fort

Kumbalgarh Fort was built by the most prominent and bravest ruler Maharana Kumbha in 15th century AD and it is the birth place of well renowned combatant legend Maharana Pratap. Kumbalgarh Fort the second largest bastion is located 80 kms north of the Udaipur city in the wilderness, which is ornate golden by the nearby Thar and guarded by the oldest Aravali ranges. The fort stands proudly on the hill top of 1920 meters above the sea level and scattering the essence of bravery of Mewar rulers, as it was conquered only once during its reign. It is the world heritage site under the hill forts of Rajasthan. The fort also got the crown for its second largest wall of 36 kms after the Great Wall of China; the frontal walls are fifteen feet thick. Kumbalgarh has seven fortified gateways, Arait Pol, where you can trace the watch-tower and then Hulla Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ram Pol, Bhairava Pol, Paghra Pol, Top-khana Pol and Nimboo Pol will come across your track. There are approx 360 temples within the fort, 300 ancient Jain and the rest Hindu, amongst all Shiva Temple is worth visiting that constituted a huge Shivalinga (Phallic form). Apart from this magnificent beauty and history of the fort it has many mesmerizing edifices which attract the tourist attention and fascinate them to know the fort deeper. Some of the following places worth visit.

Badal Mahal; Badal Mahal is situated at the highest point of the fort. It was built by Rana Fateh Singh. The palace is a two storied structure divided into two halves i.e. the Janana Mahal and the Mardana Mahal. This palace is extravagantly adorned by wall paintings. The Janana Mahal is provided with lattice windows decorated with stones which facilitated the queens to see the court proceedings and other events in privacy.

Birth Place of Maharana Pratap; The palace where Maharana Pratap was born is known as the Palace of Queen Jhali is situated near Pagda Pol. It is constructed of rubble stone with plain walls and flat roof. The evidence of paintings can still be seen on the wall.

Bawan Devi Temple; This famous Jaina shrine derives its name from the fifty-two (bawan) shrines in a single compound built around the main shrine.

Along with these attraction there are more to explore like Kumbha palace, Pitalia Dev Temple, Mamadeo Temple, Parshavnath Temple, Neelkhant Mahadev Temple, Vedi temple, Ganesh Temple and Golerao group of temples which worth visit.

Entry Fee: Indian citizen – Rs 15 and Foreigner- Rs 200, Children below age 15 are free.

Timings; Sunday–Saturday: 9:00 hrs.–17:00 hrs.

How to reach?

It can be easily reachable via Udaipur, Udaipur city is well connected with all major cities via roads and many Rajasthan government as well as private buses runs to and from Udaipur, one can also hire cab for their convenience; Udaipur Airport is just 100 kms.

Some trains running from New Delhi towards Udaipur are

Mewar express (12963) and Chetak Express (12981)



Places to wander

Travelling to Kumbalgarh takes you to the amazing journey and gives you an opportunity to see the Rajasthan in its most typical form. Two sided sand dunes and rarely found shrubs and cactus along the road side overwhelm travelers. The illusive mirage appears too frequently and disappears when you reach the site. These attracting facts magnetize tourists from all around the world and thus Rajasthan is achieving higher rank in India tourism. Some nearby places to Kumbalgarh which worth visit are-Udaipur, Chittorgarh and Jodhpur.


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Exuberant activities

  1. Elephant Riding.
  2. Horse riding
  3. Bird Watching
  4. Trekking

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