Kanha National Park

The most renowned for its Flora and Fauna and among the top ten national parks of India, Kanha National Park is located in the Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh. The present day Kanha National Park area was divided into two sanctuaries, Hallon and Banjar, of 250 and 300 km2 respectively. It is the largest National Park in central India. The Park dwells the significant population of Royal Bengal Tiger, Swamp Deer (The Jewel of Kanha), Sloth bear and leopard. The Park's landmark achievement is the preservation of the rare hard ground Swamp Deer (Barasingha), saving it from near extinction. Apart from fauna Kanha National Park mesmerize nature lovers with its unique species which are more than thousands in number. By its incredible nature Kanha National Park inspired the most famous novelist “Rudyard Kipling” for his most illustrious novel “Jungle Book”.  Travelling to Kanha from October to June is worthwhile and it gains the probability to come across the herds of wild creatures.


The most commonly seen animals in the park include; the spotted deer, sambar, barking deer and the four-horned deer. The latter can be seen at Bammi Dadar climb. Recently, mouse deer have also been discovered in the tiger reserve. . Making the land more beautiful and endearing, the crystal clear streams amidst the dense jungle cleanses the surroundings and makes the wildlife peerless. The most unique and blissful attraction of Kanha is Picturesque landscapes, crisscrossing streams, luxurious meadows, lush green plateaus, countless species of flora and fauna with reptiles, insects, avifauna. Bammi Dadar is the most attracting place in Kanha and it is also called as Sunset point, where one can feel the merging of endless green fields and golden sky. Some other attractions of Kanha are Sonf meadows, Shravan Tal, Sindoor Trees and Kanha meadow. Tourers enjoy Jungle safari by elephant and jeep, jungle safari overwhelming travelers to know the wildlife and its creatures more closely and joyfully. Safari starts every day at 11 am in morning and 2 pm in afternoon till sunset except Wednesday; Afternoon Jeep safari remains closed for every week on Wednesday. There are four Safari zones in Kanha-

  1. Kisli zone
  2. Kanha zone
  3. Mukki zone
  4. Sarhi zone

The one who visits Kanha National Park may also approach some nearby places which are worthy. Places like Bandhavgarh National Park, Jabalpur, Pench National Park, and Tadoba National Park.

How To Reach?

Kanha National Park has two main entrances, at Khatia and Mukki. Khatia entrance gate comes under Mandla district and Mukki entrance gate comes under Balaghat district. Both gates are well linked via Nagpur (300kms), Jabalpur (160kms) and Raipur (250kms) by roads. Gondia and Jabalpur are the two most nearest railway stations, at 145 kms and 160 kms respectively. Kanha National Park has three nearest Airports Nagpur (300 kms), Raipur (250 kms), Jabalpur (160 kms).


This wondrous place with its rich flora, fauna, mesmerizing landscapes and meadows fascinates much their guests with luxury and budgetary accommodations and basic amenities. There are loads of hotels and resorts around the park, categorized into High End Resorts, Deluxe Resorts, Standard Resorts, and Luxury Resorts.

Travelers going to Kanha National Park broadly engage in capturing images of wildlife and rejoicing Elephant and Jeep safari’s, Bird watching, research on wildlife. Come to Kanha and live wildlife.


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